Thinking of selling your home in Spring ?

Dated: 12/04/2018

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Selling? It Takes A Village

(A Smart Village!!)

If you're looking to sell your home during prime house-shopping season this spring, you'd better get geared up now.

Exposure sells the house! If you want your home to stand out from the competition, that could take months to do right? So, read here what you should do for your home to shape up before fixing any problems and upgrading the eyesores.

Because like it or not, your home has sustained some wear and tear over the years. It is a known fact that buyers view pictures to decide what houses they want to see and use a house’s physical appearance when deciding which house to buy, the way your house shows to a buyer is extremely important. Remember first impression is most important.

Here's how to assess the damage and find out which renovations will pay off down the road.

1. Big Ticket Items - Tally the age of various big ticketed items in your home, even if how great your home looks at first glance, any savvy buyer will point to various parts and pop the question: How old? So, put it down all the repairs, maintenance done on Roof, HVAC, Hot Water Heater, gutters etc. Dig up copies of your own maintenance records or receipts.

2. Do your own walk-through - This would be like doing your own home inspection, go room by room, go outside, examine the structure and find out what needs to be fixed. Look for signs of damage that might drag down its value. Check out for any leaks, rotten wood, water marks, termites, foundation, flooring, windows, carpet discoloration etc. and many more. Do the functionality test check out for cracks, do the outside inspection.

3. Call in the Pro's - Once you’ve done your own walk-through, you may want to have a pro take a second look. These people can spot flaws that you overlooked, because either you're used to them or you didn't realize they could cause trouble. You can enlist a Realtor or hire a home inspector to do an inspection (or pre-inspection) to pinpoint problems from bad wiring to outdated plumbing.

4. Decide on Renovations - Once you know what in your house could stand for repairs or upgrades. it's time to decide where to infuse some cash. Don't worry, not everything needs to be done before your homes on the market.  Remember, real estate is an investment!

5. Don't just obsess over the obvious—e.g., your kitchen could stand for new cabinets. After all, many buyers will want to tweak cosmetic details to their own tastes, so you could be throwing money down the drain. Instead, focus on fix-its that are less susceptible to personal preferences that buyers like to know are in good shape.

If you do your homework, it will be a quick and easy sell for you. 

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Thinking of selling your home in Spring ?

Selling? It Takes A Village(A Smart Village!!)If you're looking to sell your home during prime house-shopping season this spring, you'd better get geared up now.Exposure sells the house! If you want

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