Neeta Karanjkar - Testimonials

Neeta was very helpful and knowledgeable.

Was trying to sell the property by my self but with her expertise and helping attitude decided on using her service. We did an analysis of the selling price with her manager and was very satisfied with approach and result. Neeta is now our friend and so you can understand how good she is. She can manage her customers in a friendly manner maintaining the professional side. Neeta took care of every aspect of the selling side and was impressed with her service. Without her this journey of selling wouldn't be this simple. Thanks a lot Neeta.

Mr. Indraneel Saha

Neeta is seriously, Aaaaaahmazing!

!! I relocated from out of state and she helped me find my new rental home even though it wasn't her listing. Neeta went above and beyond simply because, she cares! What an amazing real estate agent and an even more amazing human being! LOVE HER!

Ms. Shawna Verdone

Neeta did a great job explaining the entire process.

She worked hard to get all documents and requirements addressed. Neeta is a great person to work with and i would highly recommend her to my family and friends.

Mr. Satyam Patel

Meeting Neeta was a blessing.

I initially was planning to rent, because I had vague knowledge on buying a house. After shopping around for apartment with Neeta, she mentioned the money i will using pay for first, last and security can help me put down as down payment. She quickly began to educate me More on matter and send me numerous articles about housing. She has been by my side since I started this journey in February and I loved every moment of working with her!! I will recommend Neeta to any buyer who is looking. Glad I found her!!

Mr. Felix Afranie

As a first time home buyer, I was not prepared to buy a house just doing my research for buying a first open-house that how I met her and was a blessing.

She educated me the process, she gathered my options what I am looking for, price range and all other thing. She has been by my side through out our journey and she proactively helped providing so much information journey and she proactively helped providing so much information I need. I will definitely recommend Neeta to any buyer who is looking.

Mr. Prem Nagidi

Neeta was able to quickly find the right tenants.

She's very knowledgeably, professional and dedicated. She was very creative in posting and even having an open house. I'd definitely use her services again and recommend her to others.

Mr. Kandarp Patel

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